An Elderly Man Meets An Escort

James has been married to Mary for over 35 years now. Things were not as rosy as they were when they met. James was that outgoing man who enjoyed travelling and doing new things while Mary was always laid back. She didn’t want to do the things James loved. Things got worse and she started avoiding the sex topic.

There came a time when Mary sexually starved James for close to 6 months. She claimed she was not always in the mood. James still had the sex drive and so he spent most of his time masturbating. This was never enough. It never gave him what his heart desired. He wanted more.

He knew his wife was now tired and so he decided to look for some other young lady. He wanted a no-strings attached relationship and so he thought of a prostitute. But before going out that night to look for one, he stumbled across an escort site London escorts and was attracted to a particular escort. He now didn’t want anything to do with a prostitute.

So, on this unusual day, he lied to his wife that he was going to see a football game and would be back home late. Mary was not suspicious in any way. He went to meet his escort in a hotel room. She got there before he did and found her lying on the bed in lingerie. The escort was already aware she was meeting an elderly gent; she was prepared to make him feel young again.

James walked in and closed the door. She stood up and helped him remove his hat and coat. She then helped him get on the bed and asked how his day was. This was no ordinary question. He just smiled and asked her to make his day better. She went ahead and kissed him. He was already hard since it had been long before he had some good sex.

James wanted to prove he was not old and boring and so he switched positions and was now on top of her. He kissed her more, went down to her nipples and leaked them further. She mourned. He decided to pull down her panties and started leaking her clit. She mourned further.

He requested for a blow job and she was up and ready to give him. It was a quick one since she too wanted to ride him. She pushed his hard dick into her pussy and started riding him. James felt so good and stretched his hands to grab her boobs. She rode him faster and he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He came and felt great. They relaxed on the bed as he warmed up for round two.

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